INTERCERT QA is an international certification institute providing Auditing, Certification and Training services of International repute on various Management Systems and Standards Worldwide.    

INTERCERT QA Partner of BQSR Certification is accredited Management System Certification Body from reputed Accreditation Body IAS (International Accreditation Service Inc., USA) vide accreditation number MSCB-197. 

INTERCERT QA is accredited Management System Certification Body from reputed Accreditation Body IAB (International Accreditation Board, USA) vide accreditation number IAB-022.

The prime mission of INTERCERT QA is to provide transparent, Impartial and Value Added Lead Auditor Trainings & certification services to help its customers achieving qualitative business goals with trusted assurance seal of INTERCERT QA.    

The INTERCERT QA team currently possesses the experience in wide range of business scopes of industrial and business sectors and offers its customers professional assessments and certification services internationally as per ISO 17021 Standard requirement. Our team is committed to adopt the challenges and changes of business requirements in service delivery to meet our customer expectations.

INTERCERT QA has international professional reputation for service delivery adopted from unified approach of certification & training delivery.

INTERCERT QA provide assessments & certification services to organizations on internationally recognized standards and provide associated trainings to reap the practical approach and benefits.

INTERCERT QA is committed to provide Competitive, cost effective and impartial services for all kind of organizations.

INTERCERT QA provides hassle free approach from the time of initial enquiry, through to application, assessment, and certification.

INTERCERT QA brand is known as a trusted hallmark for quality services with competitive prices in Government and Private sector businesses. Our Customers rely on our approach and services to benchmark and monitor the performance of their people and processes.

INTERCERT QA closely works with its clients as true system partner. Our maxim ‘without fear or favor’ typifies our ethical approach.

Sensible fees for registration, assessment and surveillance, and a low cost scheme for Small Businesses

INTERCERT QA Team has rich experience of most industries and business sectors to provide value added services.

INTERCERT QA is closely associated with large range of clients, including public and private sector, professional institutes, trade bodies and charities.

INTERCERT QA provides International recognition to client’s management systems.

INTERCERT QA service performance is monitored as per ISO 17021 requirements.


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ISO 45001:2018 is published

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Determination and Justification of Audit Time

During recent Accreditation Body Assessments it was identified that Intercert and all Accredited Certification Bodies are

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